MA Focus Area: Games and Transmedia

Games, both digital and non-digital, and film have long served as the leading visual forms of non-fiction and fictional storytelling. Recently, as the lines between these various forms of storytelling have begun to become less clear, the term “Transmedia,” has been used to describe the way that stories are increasingly told through interconnected experiences across multiple media platforms such as films, games, virtual reality, mobile apps, social media, and comics. Transmedia is commonly used as an approach for expanding the outreach and social impact of any given form of storytelling.

The games and transmedia focus brings storytellers with expertise in one of the above forms of storytelling and puts them into collaboration with storytellers from other forms. This is a “studio” focused concentration, with the production of media products in collaboration with peers within the concentration and with undergraduate students interested in working on these various forms of storytelling media.

This concentration would utilize resources from the Media Sandbox, Newsroom and Media Center, and Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab while being responsive to research in online communities and Internet policy from BITLab and the Quello Center as well as approaches and methods in advertising from the MAP Lab with the goal of realizing transmedia for Trifecta, the Health and Risk Communication Center, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, cross-college collaborations, and external clients.

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