Environment, Science and Health

The Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at MSU’s School of Journalism teaches graduate and undergraduate students and professional journalists to better report on the environment.

The hands-on environmental journalism program provides students the opportunity to report with text, video, photography, graphics and audio on two professional international news services – Great Lakes Echo and The Food Fix.

Graduate students assist faculty in providing leading U.S. and international research on how media reports on the environment.

The Knight Center puts on workshops in the U.S. and overseas to help professional journalists, scientists and researchers better explain environmental challenges to the public.

Meet Our Faculty

The following courses focus on Environment, Science and Health, in addition to those in the core:

  • JRN 372 (3 credits) Environment, Science & Health Special Topics
  • JRN 473 (3 credits) Environment, Science & Health Reporting

Here are some additional courses to supplement this specialization:

  • JRN 372 (3 credits) can be taken 3 times with a different topic
  • JRN 472 (3 credits) can be taken 3 times with a different topic
  • JRN 492 (3 credits) special topics, if applicable
  • 300 level (3 credit) or above environment-relevant non-JRN course with approval

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