Kami Silk Receives NCA's Distinguished Mentor Award

The Department of Communication’s Kami Silk is well-known for her engagement with her graduate students, and the National Communication Association has taken notice. The associate dean of research just received the Dale Brashers Distinguished Mentor Award from the NCA’s Health Communication Division.

“It is a real honor to be recognized for my work with students,” said Silk. “My current and former graduate students are critical to my program of research."

Silk said that this award is not only a reflection of her approach to mentoring, but also to her strong team of student researchers.

“I am not sure I really stand out for this award more than most faculty who are dedicated to graduate education and training,” said Silk. “But I’d like to think that my high level of engagement, encouragement and straight talk helps students and other mentees make solid decisions as they move through their programs and careers.”

Mentorship is critical to the success of any organization, particularly in a university setting. When experienced leaders share and pass on their knowledge and experience to future generations of students and young faculty, things can only progress.

Silk herself has a strong system of mentors that she looks to for research support, teaching advice and work-life management.

“I have been exceptionally lucky to have great mentors in my life - and a lot of them,” said Silk. “Every single one of them have helped me move forward in my career. I am very grateful.”

By Kaitlin Dudlets