ComArtSci Students Dominate Broadcast Awards Contest

School of Journalism broadcast students pose at the anchor desk of the Focal Point broadcast studios.

J-School and ComArtSci students dominated the 2020 Michigan Association of Broadcasters Student Broadcast Awards, earning 13 first-place awards and 28 overall in the College Television and Radio categories.

Christine Kanerva took first in the Current Events Program/Television for "I Want to See What Freedom Looks Like." She also won second in Hard News/Television for "Call if You Can. Text if You Can't."

Kendall Ashman earned first in Hard News/Television for "Finding Her Voice."  She also earned Honorable Mention in Current Events Program/Television for "I've Always Wanted to be a Boy Scout."

The team of Griffin Stroin, Joe Freihofer, Sam Britten and Taylor Gattoni took first in Daily Sportscast/Television for their Spartan Sports Report entry.

Stroin, Freihofer, Britten and Ian Gilmour earned an Honorable Mention for their Spartan Sports Report entry. Freihofer won first place in News Feature/Television for "In a Way, She's Still Here" while Stroin won Honorable Mention for "Play-by-Play, Day-by-Day."

Spartans swept the Sports Announcing Team/Radio category, all for football broadcasts. Eric Bach and Joe Dandron took first; Bach and Alex McRae placed second; Bach and Luke Saccone earned Honorable Mention. Freihofer and Bach took second in Sports Announcing Team/Television while Freihofer and Gilmour earned Honorable Mention.

Jason Howard and Jonathan Lantz took first in the Talk Show/Scripted Show/Television category for "'Dante's Inferno' TURN" while Howard, Lantz and Jordyn Wexler took second for "'Basketcase' - TURN."

Howard, Andrew Acciaioli, Hannah Byrd and Emily Smith took first place in Documentary/Television for "What Happened to Henry?" Amanda Poole, Morgan Duerden and Brandon Rothenberg earned second in Digital Media Experience/Television.

Amanda Barberena and Maxim Jenkins won first in Daily Newscast/News Feature/Radio for "Roundabout - City Council Candidate Series." Taylor Haelterman took Honorable Mention for "Gotcha Feature."

MSU students swept the Current Events Program/Radio category. Haelterman took first for "Samskee Street Artist." Jenkins  and Alina Zhuravel took second for "Climate Protesters Gather at Michigan Capitol Building Demanding Green New Deal."

Barberena and Jenkins took Honorable Mention for "Roundabout - City Council Candidate Series."

George McNeill, George Pham, Stephanie Stapert and Alexa Stecewicz finished first in Digital Media Experience/Radio.

Haelterman ,Chelsie Boodoo, Daniel Puentes, Sophie Sagan took first in Talk Show/Radio for "The Sci-Files."

Max Murphy and Evan Surace placed first in Promotional Announcement/Radio for "Movie Night."

Surace and Murphy earned Honorable Mention in Public Service Announcement/Radio for "Winter Driving."

Tony Black earned second in Current Events Program/Television "There is No Reason to Exclude Anyone Based on Their Gender."

Shannon Line and Gretchen Nowroozi took an Honorable Mention in Daily Newscast/Television for a Focal Point broadcast.

Winners will be honored at the March 4 Great Lakes Media Show, where the Station of the Year award will be announced. MSU's Focal Point won that award last year.