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Our leadership, faculty and staff recognize that this might be a stressful and concerning time for many of our students and their family members. Please know that ComArtSci is here to offer support.

University Resources for Students

Students share their tips and tricks about staying connected, academic success, and staying mentally well.

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Get in Touch with Your Academic Advisor

Dean David sent a letter to students regarding the coming spring semester. In case you missed it, read the letter here.

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President Stanley has approved the recommendation that was made to him by academic governance regarding NR-C (No Record - COVID19). This means MSU will implement a substitute grade of NR-C for all undergraduate student grades of 1.5, 1.0, or 0.0 earned during the Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and the Spring 2021 semester. Grades of 0.0 will automatically be replaced with NR-C; grades or 1.0 or 1.5 will be replaced with NR-C if the student so chooses.

Students are strongly encouraged to work with their academic advisors to determine possible implications of their choices.

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Grade Recording FAQs

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your online courses, please reach out to your instructors or advisors.

Keep Learning Resources

As we work to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, it remains that social distancing is the best way to accomplish this. MSU continues to strongly urge all Spartans to return to their permanent residence if they are able to do so. We understand home means different things to different Spartans; if you are not able to leave or MSU is your permanent home, you continue to be welcome. We are here, open and ready to serve our Spartan community.

Details on Housing Credit

Graduate School

The MSU Graduate School has created a site with updates related to COVID-19, which includes information and resources that are specific to graduate students.

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ComArtSci Graduate Program Contacts

Doctoral Program Directors

Kjerstin Thorson (Advertising)

Manuel Chavez (Journalism)

Rick Wash (Media and Information)

Brandon van der Heide (Communication)

J. Scott Yaruss (CSD)

Master’s Program Directors

Matt Phillips (CSD)

Bree Holtz (Health and Risk Communication)

Kjerstin Thorson (Advertising)

Dan Bergan (Communication)

Ruth Shillair (Media and Information)

Jason Archer (Strategic Communication)

Lucinda D. Davenport (Journalism)

Esther Thorson (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies)

Pat Huddleston (Director of Information and Media PHD)

A list of additional resources for students have been compiled, and we encourage you to look through them to help answer questions you may have.

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Here is an archive of the ComArtSci Student Weekly Newsletters which contain important updates for students.

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Students, faculty, staff, and parents can call MSU's toll-free hotline for answers to any questions or concerns: 888-353-1294.

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