Nasser Almutairi

Nasser Almutairi

  • Advertising + Public Relations


Nasser Almutairi is a doctoral candidate pursuing research on social media marketing and consumer behavior. Some of his recent work involves understanding the patterns of online viral behavior on social media, effects of colors on ads on social media platform, health news coverage and source effects, plain packaging colors effect, and public health announcements and religion message interaction on online behavior. Before coming to Michigan State University, Nasser earned a Master of Business Administration at Western Michigan University (USA) and a Business Administration (B.S.) at King Saud University (Saudi Arabia). His professional experience is in the fields of business plan writing, entrepreneurship training programs, business communication, marketing strategies, and human resource development assessment and training programs. Currently, Nasser is a researcher at the Department of Advertising + Public Relations.

Key Research Interest

Social marketing, consumer behavior, sponsorship marketing and social media behavior.

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